Young Twinks Fuck 2

Who fucks better than a young twink? How about multiple young twinks. Simon wasnt surprised when Curtis invited him over to his house for some one-on-one fun after practice. Angel got a great hands-on massage from his stepbrother, George, the other day and wanted to return the favor. Jean said that his leg hurt. Corey sat on his bed and started rubbing his leg for him. Neither expected what would happen next. Coreys muscles were trashed, and Gregor offered to give him a hand. It started like any other massage until Corey felt Gregor grab his cock. To prepare for wrestling season, Jared and Max decide to have a friendly match at Maxs place. But things got really hot when Jared got on top of Max and put his cock in his face. He didnt expect it, but neither was going to stop.

Studio: Vimpex Gay Media
Actors: Curtis, Angel, Jean, Max, Gregor, Simon, Jared, George, Corey