Anal Adventure Twinks

Get ready for Anal Adventure Twinks. A full day of practice had Ares Reiv so horny, but he knew his teammate, Curtis Cameron, could help. They have fucked around once or twice, so it was not a surprise when Curtis invited him back to his place to suck his dick. It was a hot afternoon when friends Roman Capellini and Liam Rose returned from the gym. Liam had mentioned earlier that his muscles were already sore, and Roman couldn’t stop thinking about his mouth all over them. It’s all fun and games until you’re the one getting fucked, but Ollie Barn loves fun, games, and getting fucked, especially by his roommate Anton Azuro. It never occurred to Jean Gilliam until today that Evan Novak might be into him in any way. But there he was with his dick in Evan’s hand after giving Jean a quick massage. Let’s see where this goes.

Studio: Southern Strokes
Actors: Anton Azuro, Ares reiv, Curtis Cameron, Evan Novak, Liam Rose, Max Burda, Ollie Barn, Roman Capellini