How do you get your crush to fuck you? Well, Tony invited Rimi over to his house after soccer practice. It was hot as balls, and they just had to get inside. This was Tonys chance to get Rimi’s big dick inside of him as well. Felix and Derek have always had a great relationship. It was nothing to ask for a massage, with a little something special. That something special being his throat. Adam got to learn a lot about his teammate Tom. But when he asked if he wanted to practice, Adam didnt expect his dick in his ass, even though he had been dreaming about it. Diegos been busy working on his massage therapy classes, and Glenn was the best person to practice all the tricks hes been learning with his hands and especially his mouth.

Studio: Southern Strokes
Actors: Rimi Morty, Tom Heart, Glenn Hut, Derek Nagy, Tony Keit, Adam Keller, Felix Harris, Diego Diaz