Spunking Twinks

Need Spunking Twinks in your life? It was no surprise that Martin was horny after soccer practice. He kept smacking Danny’s ass every time he ran past during the game. It got to the point that Danny would push it out for him. Of course, he was horny, and so was Danny. Sly’s stepbrother, Luzio, over the other night. They got home late from the club, and he didnt want to go home. Sly knew the real reason the next day when they started kissing. There is nothing like helping out a horny friend after a game of soccer. Ollie went to Timmys house after practice, and the first thing out of his mouth was I’m horny. We know what that means. It’s been a few months since Glenn saw his stepbrother Santi. They grew apart but recently started hanging out again. Glenn told him he was attending massage school, and Santi agreed to a massage. That was all he needed.

Studio: Southern Strokes
Actors: Santi Gollen, Luzio Montego, Timmy Cole, Ollie Barn, Glenn Hut, Martin Steel, Danny Bianchi, Sly Conan