Our Gay Secret

Filip really thought he had a chance at beating Finn to a wrestling match, so he bet Finn a blow job to the winner. When he lost, Filip had to keep his promise, but his ass was calling Finns name louder than his mouth. James tries to be a good stepbrother to Jackson. He knows that Jackson just needs someone to talk to these days. Well, maybe that and a warm hand wrapped around his dick. Luckily, James can do both. You should never keep a good fuck waiting. Thats what Tyler thought when Josh invited him to his house after practice. When he got there, Josh was already in his singlet with the ass cut out. But Tyler was in the bottom mood tonight and hungry for cock. Conor thought he had the day all to himself, but he never turns away a client in need. So when Harry came through his door looking for a massage, Conor knew he was the only one who could work his muscles the right way. And we know you know what that means.

Studio: Southern Strokes
Actors: Filip Kucera, James Jacobs, Istvan Bernas, Finn Harper, Tyler Esterbrook, Conor, Jackson Wright, Harry