Me And My Fuck Buddy 2

If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. Well, that was Henrys thought when he challenged his teammate, Mars, to a wrestling match at his house. Truthfully, Henry wanted to touch Mar’s body without the fear of others watching because just the thought of Mars fucking Henry gets him too excited. Kai’s stepbrother, Mateo, must have had a super long day at work. He noticed when Mateo came home that he looked so sad. He knew he had to cheer him up whatever way he could, which just happened to be a massage with a happy ending. There is no time to waste when youre horny, and Josh wasnt interested in just hanging out with Curtis. He wanted his fat cock inside him. One day after practice, Josh invited Curtis over for a snack but didnt tell Curtis that he was the snack. Coach sent Conor another young boy who needed his services. Vladic was his first of the day, and he was excited to get my hands on his smooth, muscular body.

Studio: Southern Strokes
Actors: Vladic, Matteo Gomez, Kai NeoLani, Mars Coy, Henry Wilcox, Istvan Bernas, Curtis Cameron, Conor