Mating Innocent Boys

Were not exactly convinced that the assertion of innocence could properly be used to describe Kayden Alexander and James Stirling or indeed any of the cock-crazed twinks in this sordid little escapade but thats a mere triviality when it comes to endorsing the wanton antics of this top-notch offering from Bare Twinks. Truth is, you wouldnt want them to be innocent. No, youre more interested in them being head-overs-heels in lust with dick; and rest assured thats exactly the kind of attitude that youll find displayed here, as each and every one of these boys engage in no-holds-barred fornication from start to finish. The bedroom has never seemed such a good place to be; or possibly seen so much spunk!

Studio: BoyCrush
Actors: Morgan Miles, Nico Michaelson, Justin Cummings, Trey Ryan, Elijah Young, Kayden Alexander, James Stirling, Bryce Christiansen, Avery Jones, Austin Xanders, Jason Valencia