Bare Lustful Teens

Fresh-faced and barely legal, these gorgeous young beauties will get dicks standing to attention in pretty much next to no time, as the likes of Jason Valencia, Scott Alexander, and Billy London put on the kind of brilliant, lustful performances for which slutty teen lads have become somewhat renowned. What’s more, there’s not so much as a condom in sight for these boys as they engage in the kind of filthy, wild action that their folks back home are probably rightfully worried about. Suffice it to say the cocks in question are soon throbbing away very nicely, as pert ass meets aching phallus time and again, with pretty predictable results. All of which culminates in a whitewash of spunk that leaves everyone utterly soaked and happy.

Studio: BoyCrush
Actors: Alex Jordan, Scott Alexander, Miccah Cowell, Colby Klein, Andrew Brenton, Jason Valencia, Benjamin Riley, Andy Kay, Billy London