RAW Brigade 6


Right after Scott Finn introduces Brandley Hayes and himself, they are kicking back on the bed stroking their dicks. Bradley whips his big fat cock out and Scott has his mouth wrapped around it. Zion Nicholas is a little nervous but Spencer Laval isn’t so he takes his clothes off and soon enough he has Zion’s big hard cock deep in his mouth. Spencer gags on every inch of his dick and can’t help but compliment him on how sexy his throbbing cock is. Eric Samson doesn’t waste any time and he soon has all his clothes off revealing his sexy body and huge uncut cock. He uses two hands as he pulls on that hard dick showing us every vein. Once Dirk’s introduction is over he has Liam Daniels take his shirt off and pull his cock out through his pants. He becomes harder and harder. Liam grabs both cheeks revealing his tight hairy hole and you can see his balls hanging in the balance.

Studio: Active Duty
Actors: Liam Daniels, Eric Samson, Zion Nicholas, Bradley Hayes, Spencer Laval, Scott Finn
Director: Dirk Yates