Going Commando 17

Get to know Brody Fox and Kyler Drayke before Kyler destroys Brody’s hole in this steamy scene. Jay Tee and Niko Carr can’t keep their hands off each other from the moment the cameras start rolling. When Jay finally tops Niko? Holy shit do sparks fly. Watch as Ryder Owens and Lars Larson feel each other up and have all sorts of fun before they flip-fuck. Andrew Miller and Prince Reign are a very hot duo, so it makes complete sense that they’d be all over each other almost immediately. Watch the outstanding sex between these two incredible guys.

Studio: Active Duty
Actors: Lars Larson, Ryder Owens, Prince Reign, Brody Fox, Kyler Drayke, Andrew Miller, Niko Carr, Jay Tee
Director: Private Parker, Major Woods