Friendly Fire 16

Jason Windsor and Tyler James, my my. These two studs can’t keep their hands off each other. In fact, they were even fucking while the cameras were off! But, can you blame ’em? Blain O’Connor is certified horny. Chris Damned? Also certified horny. The two together? A spectacular combination of charm, muscle and most importantly, sex. Hugo Santana is a fiery, passionate guy. Merrill Patterson on the other hand? He’s a bit shy. So watch as Hugo loosens him up, literally and figuratively, in this hot flip-fucking scene. Callum is one sexy stud recently out of the army. Watch as he jerks off and showers in this steamy solo scene.

Studio: Active Duty
Actors: Chris Damned, Callum, Tyler James, Blain O’Connor, Merrill Patterson, Jason Windsor, Hugo Santana