Duty Bound 57

Peto Mohac has Igor Uganec blindfolded, gagged and shackled, just as he likes things to be. As Igor strains against his shackles a hooded Peto comes in and begins to spank on Igor’s ass and legs. He pulls the underwear aside to reveal that Igor has a toy in his ass already. Peto plays with that toy, fucking it in and out of Igor’s hot hole. He also lets his hand run all over the sexy ass, giving it a few spanks in the process. Then Petro rips off Igor’s underwear leaving that hot ass fully exposed, with the toy deep inside. Igor moans as the toy is fucked in and out of his hole and the hands spank his ass. Oil is rubbed over that hot ass and the toy is discarded as Peto fingers the hole. Horny Nikol Monak has Ignac Dlouhy in the exam chair, shackled and naked. Both guys have rock hard cocks and Nikol’s big dick soon plows deep in to Ignac’s waiting hole. He wanks himself as that big dick fucks deep into his eager hole. Nikol’s hips thrust forward with gusto, ensuring his big cock works the hot hole deep and hard. Dave Swanson is wrapped in plastic on his couch when he is joined by Ivanek Ukara. Ivanek kisses his way down Dave’s chest and removes the plastic to reveal a lovely hard cock. He takes hold of Dave’s cock and begins to suck on it. Dave watches Ivanek’s head on his throbbing dick as the lips wrap tight around his shaft. Ivanek then kisses Dave again and returns to sucking on that big cock. Dave’s dick goes deep into Ivanek’s mouth and then comes out for the shaft to be licked. Dave kneels with his ass up for Ivanek to have access to his tight hole. He finger’s that hot hole as he wanks on Dave’s cock.

Studio: Active Duty
Actors: David Swanson, Ethan Wilder, Gregor Gilead, Ignac Dlouhy, Nikol Monak, Peto Mohac
Director: William Higgins