Battle of the Bottoms 14

As Niko Carr says, ‘no girth no worth.’ So when he sees David Skylar’s girthy dick? All bets are off. Damien White and Johnny B II are explosive in this sexy scene. Can you believe that Johnny B II has been with us for four years? Four sexy years. Watch as Damien destroys Johnny’s hole. The chemistry between Andrew Miller and Tyler James is off the walls! Don’t you wanna watch as they fuck each other every which way? Dink presents Sebastian Woods for his second solo showcase scene. He again shows off his muscular body and huge cock, ready for duty.

Studio: Active Duty
Actors: Damien White, Sebastian Woods, Johnny B., Andrew Miller, Tyler James, Niko Carr, David Skylar
Director: Big Mike, Dink Flamingo, Private Parker, Major Woods