Escaping The City



It’s summer, and a group of guys decide to escape from the scalding hot city and go to the countryside. Jeff and Todd are already thinking probably too much about a refreshing swim in the cold water and afternoon sex in nature and so they get lost from the other guys. They pitch a tent in an interesting place and forget about their friends for today. Jeff has always been curious about what is hiding in Todd’s shorts. Now is his chance to view Todd’s dick from close up, to suck it and to let himself get fucked with it!
All of the boys left the city, but Jay remained behind and is devoting himself to his favorite pastime, spray painting graffiti. However, in the ruins of a dilapidated building on the edge of town, he’s not alone. Jakub also chose this place to get out of the city, read a book and masturbate. This was a challenge for Jay. They did not stop with just stroking their horny cocks. Jakub also beautifully sucked Jay’s dick, and it was obvious that this was not the first time he had ever sucked one. And their fucking was great!
Danton met Andre and his friends on the beach. They swam, rode boats and ran naked along the beach. Danton prefers to be passive, and so he really enjoyed when Andre fucked him!
Lukas is 20 years old, and summer is his favorite season. He and Benjamin make a nice pair. Lukas and Benjamin are not only handsome, but also friendly and fun guys! They spent the entire weekend swimming in the lake and discovered new places. In the evenings they drank beer in beach bars and mainly enjoyed sex!
On the last day, the weather got worse, and so they had sex with Jeff in a rented suite. Already in the bathroom, when all 3 of them were showering together and touching each other, their dicks quickly got hard! They spent the entire rest of the day sucking and fucking each other in various positions!
Sometimes it’s a good idea to escape the city!

Studio: AYOR
Actors: Andre Aston, Benjamin Dunn, Danton Gary, Jakub Jelinek, Jay Ozzy, Jeffrey Foster, Lukas Pribyl, Timothy Grant, Todd Mauro,
Director: Robert Boggs

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