Summer in the Pocket

Just because you’re handsome, hung and horny doesn’t mean you won’t ever get your heart broken – as Oscar Kraus discovers at the start of this amazing sexual odyssey from Ayor Studios. Fortunately, this gorgeous beaut doesn’t let the disappointment of an errant boyfriend put him off from auditioning replacements; as he captures his search for the next Mister Right with his pocket-sized cell phone. The result is a wonderful, summertime quest, that sees young Oscar enjoy a collection of raunchy encounters both indoors and out; as he literally fucks his way to ecstasy time and again with some of the finest buddies around. All topped off with a incredible blizzard of cum that’ll leave you craving his next big adventure!

Studio: AYOR
Actors: Oscar Kraus, Dallas White, Elias Kupper, Jim Torner, Monte Gannon, Niles Curran, Hans Burkhardt
Director: Robert Boggs