Wanna Fuck?

Nico Coopa is in town visiting and horny as fuck. So what better way to deal with it than convincing fuck buddy Devin Franco to get away from his boyfriend and have sex with Nico? Ryder Owens and Tristan West both have fantasies they want to explore in Wanna Fuck. So what’s better than combining them into one explosive scene? Casey Everett and Shane Cook get right to the point: they want to fuck. They want to fuck hardSo watch as Shane Cook tops and dominates Casey Everett in this steamy scene. Get to know Kane Fox and Trevor Harris intimately before they have some passionate, fantastic sex.

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Casey Everett, Devin Franco, Kane Fox, Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens, Shane Cook, Trevor Harris, Tristan West
Director: Conrad Parker, Walden Woods