Twinks Study Hard, Fuck Harder

Kai Locks decided to skip class and jerk off in bed. But when Zayn Parker shows up with the notes, little did he know he’ll be sucking dick and getting fucked! Alluring Avery Jones just cannot change a tire if his life depends on it. Sexy savior Michael Jackman insists on cumming to his rescue. He calls a mechanic and these two twinks ditch the car tools for a little manual tune up of their own! Mason Dean gives up reading and decides to study his body instead. He starts stroking his cock and gets caught by Kai Locks who’s already aroused. Kai shows that he can teach him a thing or two about pleasure as well, putting the ‘stud’ in studying. Fresh off a heartbreak, Greyson Lane is looking to fuck the loneliness away. Greyson isn’t hoping for anything more than a good lay, but when he finds Hayden Brier at the door, he realizes the two of them instantly have more than just a physical attraction. Hayden has his way with Greyson, and when he fucks the cum out of Greyson, making him shoot a huge load all over himself uncontrollably, Greyson realizes he wouldn’t mind seeing Hayden again. Luckily, the feeling is mutual. Enjoy!

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Zayn Parker, Kai Locks, Mason Dean, Michael Jackman, Avery Jones, Hayden Brier
Director: Rocco Fallon , Conrad Parker, Walden Woods