Teach Me 2

Brandon Anderson teaches Felix Fox how to take it in from behind. Michael Boston is new to online dating, and he kind of sucks at it. Lucky for him, Roman Todd catches him taking pictures in the work bathroom and gives him a lesson on how to get the perfect picture of his assets. Blain O’Connor has been very curious about what it’s like to have a threesome. Lucky for him, his roommates Scott Finn and Joseph Castalian are dating and more than open to including him in their freaky fun. They teach the anxious Blain how to have a proper threesome. After a long practice, teammates Masyn Thorne and Blain O’Connor talk about how tired they are. But when Masyn takes off his jersey to cool off, Blain reacts weirdly. What’s going on with Blain?

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Blain O’Connor, Brandon Anderson, Felix Fox, Joseph Castlian, Masyn Thorne, Michael Boston, Roman Todd, Scott Finn
Director: Conrad Parker, Walden Woods