Stepbro’s Back Home

New addition to the frat Theo Brady is learning about what it means to be in NΔΩ from his stepbrother Carter Woods. But, when Carter tells Theo that frat bros always help each other out, Theo has to decide if he’ll do anything to stay in the frat. Trevor Harris is NOT thrilled to be sharing his room (and bed!) with his new stepbrother Ryder Owens. But, who knows? Maybe Trevor will learn to love sharing a bed with Ryder. College junior Ryder Owens comes home from college for a bit, but when he discovers that his stepbrother Kyle Fletcher has been watching gay porn, things take an interesting turn for the two of them. Inspired by a member fantasy from JackJ. Mick Marlo is stressed about his upcoming exams and thinks a massage from his stepbrother, Nico Coopa, will help him. But, oh no! It doesn’t help him at all. But fear not, Nico has another solution of what might work. Question is, how badly does Mick need this stress relief?

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Carter Woods, Theo Brady, Trevor Harris, Nico Coopa, Ryder Owens, Mick Marlo, Kyle Fletcher
Director: Big Mike, Walden Woods, Conrad Parker