Secret Affairs

Carter Woods and Nico Coopa are wondering one thing: Are guys better at giving head than girls? Carter believes girls are better, but Nico knows gay guys are the best at giving head. So how will they settle their argument? Automobile detailer David Skylar has gotten a lot of complaints about his rim jobs. Jim Fit is sick of having to pick up the slack so he teaches David how to give a proper rimmer. Michael Boston has a confession to make about his sexy affair with the jogger next door Joseph Castlian. Watch as his story unfolds from temptation to an amazing flip fuck. Don’t miss the gay porn directorial debut from Kenzie Taylor! Johnny Ford is one fierce firefighter. Thankfully, he’s able to save Alex Tate in the nick of time. Now, it’s time for Alex to return the favor.

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Jim Fit, Alex Tate, Joseph Castlian, Nico Coopa, David Skylar, Johnny Ford, Carter Woods, Michael Boston
Director: Kenzie Taylor, Conrad Parker, Walden Woods