Rubbed Raw

When Jack Waters passes by Kyle Wyncrest on the street, of course he’s gonna try to grab his attention. But, when the two find out they’re staying in the same hotel, they let their lust take over and have a wild night together. Nico Coopa needs to blow off steam, being a hardworking married guy. What better way to do that than to invite Ryder Owens for some sleazy motel sex? Jonathan Tylor is getting a massage from Nico Coopa. But when Nico does a great job, Jonathan’s gonna want Nico to massage more than just his body. You know what’s hot? Having sex in a sex swing? You know what’s even hotter? Flip fucking in a sex swing. Elliot Finn and Johnny Ford know how to get down and dirty in this steamy scene.

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Kyle Wyncrest, Jack Waters, Elliot Finn, Johnny Ford, Nico Coopa, Jonathan Tylor, Ryder Owens
Director: Big Mike, Walden Woods, Conrad Parker