Raw Bromance


With Alex Tanner guiding him through some relaxation breathing exercises, Elye Black feels his tension slipping away. He tells him that touch is important for uniting their energy. Elye suddenly understands what Alex Ray’s personal attention is all that Scott Finn really wants. He unzips his pants and unfurls his giant teacher dick. Scott takes it into his mouth and gives him some holiday head, making sure to gag on it nice and deep. According to Chris Blades, it’s hard to find a steady partner in a town this small. Smiling, Jason Richards tells him that’s not the only thing in this town that’s hard, and he motions to his waist as Chris eyes the bulge in his pants Donte Thick face fucks his frat bro, and when he’s had his fill, he turns Ty Thomas around and proceeds to fuck him in every way he can imagine. Ty certainly seems like taking a dick is nothing new, as his cock bounces up and slaps his stomach with Dante’s every thrust.

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Michael DelRay, Donte Thick, Jason Richards, Ty Thomas, Scott Finn, Elye Black, Chris Blades, Alex Tanner
Director: Cameron Dalile