New Year’s Fuck

Carter Woods is back, baby. Back from a long trip, that is. And Brandon Anderson is happy to welcome him back, but when Carter discovers Brandon has feelings for him, it puts everything into a new perspective. So what’s gonna happen next in New Year’s Fuck? Shane Cook has a problem: he hasn’t been able to get laid because his dick is just too big. So when Luke Truong offers to help Shane with his problem, things take a wild turn. It’s New Years Eve and bros Roman Todd and Andrew Miller are celebrating together. But when Andrew admits that he’s never had a New Year’s kiss, Roman takes it upon himself to figure out a way to change that; and maybe do much more. Scott Finn just had something extremely embarrassing happen: he had a wet dream about his roommate, Diego Daniels. However, when Diego finds out, things take an unexpected twist that’ll only make Scott and Diego bond even more.

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Andrew Miller, Brandon Anderson, Carter Woods, Diego Daniels, Luke Truong, Roman Todd, Scott Finn, Shane Cook
Director: Conrad Parker, Walden Woods