Missed You Man

David Skylar needs help in the sack, so he gives the porn professor Elliot Finn a call. Elliot guarantees he can teach David how to bang like a pro, and he does. Leon King just wants to have a nice workout at the gym, but Roman Todd is always being obnoxious while he’s working out. So what’s it gonna take for Leon to be able to workout in peace? Scott Finn has had a crush on David Skylar since they did a tour together overseas. He’s excited to see David again as civilians in Missed You Man, and to admit that he has feelings for him. Shane Cook and Kyle Brant remake the classic Goalie Shots.

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Roman Todd, Leon Foreman, David Skylar, Kyle Brant, Elliot Finn, Shane Cook, Scott Finn
Director: Big Mike, Conrad Parker, Walden Woods