Love is Payne: The Closet Case

It’s a crossover for the ages! Love is Payne continues as Dakota Payne yet again finds himself looking for love. Only this time, he stumbles across the illustrious Next Door Service Station and its star mechanic: Jayden Marcos. The question is: will their chance meeting cause sparks to fly? Dakota Payne continues his search for love, coming across couple Leon King and Evan Knoxx. But, will it end in disaster? Or can they make it work? Dakota Payne finds out that love is Payne, the hard way. During a visit to the dentist, he falls for closeted bro Andrew Miller. But, is he the one for Dakota? Dakota Payne has eyes for gym bro Trevor Brooks. One night when they’re alone in the gym, Dakota finds out that Trevor is into him too. But is a gym bro the right guy for Dakota?

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Jayden Marcos, Dakota Payne, Leon Foreman, Trevor Brooks, Andrew Miller, Evan Knoxx
Director: Big Mike, Conrad, Parker Walden Woods