Fraternity Fantasies: Pledges Strike Back

Brandon Anderson is the new pledgemaster and he has a fresh group of pledges to whip into shape. But first, some good old-fashioned fraternity fun. With the help of Fraternity President Elliot Finn, Brandon teaches Masyn Thorne and Carter DelRey about the bonds of brotherhood. Zayne Bright has had enough: Gabe Bradshaw keeps kicking him out of their dorm to hookup with other guys! So Zayne puts his foot down. But when Gabe wants to invite Harley Xavier to hookup, things get heated between Zayne and Gabe. Des Ires and his boyfriend Max Lorde are sick of being picked on during pledge week at fraternity. So Des creates a plan to stand up to pledge masters Jayden Marcos and Nico Coopa. But, will it succeed? Or just make things worse? College friends Jonathan Tylor, Masyn Thorne and Cameron Neuton are about to graduate and go on to their separate lives. But Jonathan wants to do one last thing to celebrate before they finally go out into the real world. We all know what happens next… right?

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Elliot Finn, Brandon Anderson, Masyn Thorne, Carter DelRay, Gabe Bradshaw, Nico Coopa, Harley Xavier, Zayne Bright, Jonathan Tylor, Cameron Neuton, Max Lorde, Des Irez, Jayden Marcos
Director: Big Mike, Walden Woods, Conrad Parker