Dungeon Deviance

Next Door Raw presents you with Dungeon Deviance, a spooktacular Halloween special starring the Abominable Adrian Hart and Johnny Haunted Hill. Johnny Hill tops Adrian as a demon in a mix of scary and sexy that we hope will become one of your Halloween classics. When Jordan Starr is late for a hookup, the dominant Dakota Payne is not happy at all. Jordan’s going to have to do something to make up for it, and Dakota knows just what he wants. When college friends Ryan Jordan, Trevor Harris, Kyle Wyncrest, and Jayden Marcos get invited to a special VIP Haunted House experience, it starts out fun, but things quickly turn terrifying when a mysterious “Mastermind” takes over the tour, demanding they live out their deepest desires. Ryan Jordan likes it freaky, which is why he hangs out at sex dungeons any time he has the chance. Color him surprised when he and Trevor Harris end up locked in a room that looks eerily like the haunts he frequents. When a mysterious voice tells Ryan and Trevor to live out their fantasies to be freed from the room, the boys do what comes naturally. Roman Todd and Kyle Connors-what an incredible pairing. Watch Dungeon Deviance as they explore each other’s bodies in this fantastic scene.

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Adrian Hart, Dakota Payne, Johnny Hill, Jordan Starr, Kyle Connors, Roman Todd, Ryan Jordan, Trevor Harris
Director: Big Mike, Conrad Parker, Walden Woods