Cum Fill My Heart

Nico Coopa has tried and tried and tried again but for some reason he just can’t cum. His dick just isn’t working! However, Joseph Castlian might have a way to help Nico out with his problem. Danny Parker has high standards for the men he hooks up with; he doesn’t think skinny guys care good in bed! When his roommate Trevor Harris finds this out, Trevor makes it his mission to prove Danny wrong for skinny guys everywhere. Derek Kage wants to get his boyfriend Blain O’Connor the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, but he has no idea what to get! But when he comes up with the perfect present, things become romantic between the two lovers. Carter Woods gets an unexpected surprise when he’s asked to do an impromptu for his dream job. But when Damien Cruz wants to have sex with Carter, things become a bit more complicated.

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Blain O’Connor, Carter Woods, Damien Cruz, Danny Parker, Derek Kage, Joseph Castlian, Nico Coopa, Trevor Harris
Director: Conrad Parker, Walden Woods