Bro Code: You Gotta Respect Dibs

Roman Todd follows the Bro Code fairly well; he wants to be a good bro to his friends. But when he finds that he’s attracted to his friend’s brother, Andrew Miller, the Bro Code suddenly becomes that much harder to follow. Nico Coopa, the ex of Scott Finn’s roommate, is coming by to pick up his stuff from his recent breakup. The chemistry between the two is undeniable, but the Bro Code says exes are off limits. Is that enough to stop Scott from breaking the code? Or will he give in? Jayden Marcos is getting along with Alex Tanner, but Jayden’s roommate, Danny Parker, called first dibs on him. So what’s Jayden supposed to do when he finds out Alex is into him? Trevor Brooks wants to watch the big game with friends Justin Matthews and Leon King. But his girlfriend wants him to spend every moment with her. Except, Bro Code states you always gotta watch the game with your bros! So what’s Trevor gonna do in Bro Code: You Gotta Respect Dibs?

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Roman Todd, Justin Matthews, Jayden Marcus, Andrew Miller, Leon Foreman, Trevor Brooks, Nico Coopa, Scott Finn, Danny Parker, Alex Tanner
Director: Conrad Parker, Walden Woods