Bred By My Boss

Jayden Marcos and Logan Aarons have had a long day at work. When the two of them discover they’re the last ones at the office, they decide to take advantage of the empty space and celebrate their hard work. Spontaneous sex in the gym. That’s hot, right? You bet your ass it is, and Kyle Fletcher and Ashton Silvers both know that. When they notice each other in the gym, they get the urge to fuck. But will they get caught? Or will they have some of the best sex of their lives? Casey Everett has had a long week at work, and he’s ready to let loose. He’s got plans to take a line-up of loads at the local hotel, but he’s surprised when his boss Devin Franco is there to take a turn. After a night out, Theo Brady takes an interest in his hotel’s security guard, Christian Wilde. So when Theo invites Christian up for some fun, Tate has to figure out if he wants to abandon his post for some fun.

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Ashton Silvers, Casey Everett, Christian Wilde, Devin Franco, Jayden Marcus, Kyle Fletcher, Logan Aarons, Theo Brady
Director: Big Mike, Conrad Parker, Walden Woods, Calvin Ford