Dominated Gay Cuckolds

Once a gay man has given up his right sex with his partner in a relationship, he’s finally taken the final step toward being a DOMINATED GAY CUCKOLD! Sir Peter and Tomas Brand wreck Valentin Amour while Rudy Gram watches on like a well-behaved cuckold. Rico Marlon and Sergeant Miles suck and fuck while Kosta Viking is denied any action. Sir Peter ignores Allen King’s ass and instead mounts and breeds Sean Weiss. And Rudy Gram returns for revenge by bulling Ruslan Angelo at the expense of cuckolding Steven Angel.

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Actors: Allen King, Kosta Viking, Rico Marlon, Rudy Gram, Ruslan Angelo, Sean Weiss, Sergeant Miles, Sir Peter, Steven Angel, Tomas Brand, Valentin Amour