Ski Winter Ride

In this new series called Ski Winter Ride, our hot Latino boys are on vacation in the snow. Not only do they enjoy skiing, they also have time to meet and have a lot of sex in the cabin. In the first episode, a very young Latino couple find themselves in the icy snow enjoying their winter vacations with a lot of fever, despite how cold it is. They kiss and decide to go to the cabin they rent to spend a moment with pure fire and sexual passion. In the second episode of the series Troy Mason makes his presentation and helps Cesar Rose after an intense day of skiing. Cesar is hurt and Troy offers him some massages for his muscle discomfort. Those massages in the cabin are getting hotter, as Troy also massages Cesar’s penis and with mischievous smiles they understand that this massage hides something behind it. Our favorite young people are still traveling in the snow, in this chapter, two boys play at throwing snowballs and accidentally hit a third boy who passes by. Instead of getting mad, of course she’s having fun, laughing, and wanting to join in on the party that, yeah, you guessed it, ends in hot sex at the cabin. Our hot youngsters continue to travel in the south of the world, the southernmost part with snow and mountains. Vincent and Derek walk through the forest, Vincent takes pictures of Derek, he poses provocatively, behind the snowy mountains, it is a great landscape. Vincent asks him to take off his jacket, Derek agrees and is increasingly naked in the sun. The long-awaited moment has arrived: the young Latinos culminate their trip in the snow with a super orgy not to be missed. In this last chapter called Hot Snow, we will see how the boys take ski lessons and after a long day of sliding in the snow, all together return to the cabin tired and wanting to have a good time … It is already very late at night, so they decide to stay warm inside the cabin. This is how kisses begin in pairs, they touch their bodies, they touch everything. It’s a lot of fun, almost as much as the day they spent in the snow … Only this time it’s very, very hot .

Studio: Helix Studios
Actors: Antu Burghos, Rick Lennon, Cesar Rose, Troy Mason, Felix Harris, Tommy Ameal, Vincent Landi, Derek Nagy
Director: Alex Roman