Morning Wood 3

From shower fresh pretty boys, to hard partying hotties, this mighty, meat filled collection of early risers will wake you up proper! We packed this sexy stockpile full of our finest twinks. Some wake up in one another’s arms, others rise to find some fuck-hard fun, and others cum to after a naughty night, full of delicious debauchery at the Helix mansion, to find the party isn’t over! Always hungry in the morning, these hot, young studs feed their craving with big, beefy breakfast sausage, morning milk, and a whole lot of ass banging! Each sex soaked scene filmed in the am sun sizzles; and, they all have one thing in common….

Studio: Helix Studios
Actors: Logan Cross, Aiden Garcia, Trevor Harris, Caleb Gray, Julian Bell, Dustin Cook, Bryce Foster, Milo Harper, Corey Marshall, Cody Wilson, Micah West, Paxton Ward
Director: Alex Roman