Young Hung & Ripped

Delicious young men all getting hot and sweaty with each other, stripping off their sports kit and pulling out huge cocks and tight pink buttholes? Yes Please! Director Simon Booth knows exactly what we want to see on the menu at this restaurant, and gives it to us in platefuls. Hung young twinks with tight toned bodies all playing with an equally sexy partner, either sporting giant dicks of their own or allowing their holes to be well and truly used, there’s nothing better than that, and we know it. Allowing ourselves to be driven wild by stars such as Kayden Gray and Luke Desmond is a pleasure in itself, not even considering their cute young co-stars and fresh young talent!

Studio: Eurocreme
Actors: Luke Desmond, Thierry Schaffauser, Kayden Gray, Ryan Westwood, Kallum Ash, MacKenie Cross, Oscar Roberts, Bradley Cox
Director: Simon Booth