My 1st Sex Toy Experience

Every boy likes to play with toys, but some lads like their play-things to be decidedly carnal in nature. For those who haven’t experienced the pleasure that such equipment can deliver, however, there’s a whole new world to be opened up; as the likes of Dustin Cooper, Jordan Ashton and Billy London soon discover in this top-notch fiesta of hardcore action. Suffice it to say it’s not long before every one of these fine specimens are enjoying every hard inch of dildo to hand, but believe us when we tell you that they don’t stop there. No, they’re more than content to savour the joy of hard cock, too; with those hungry butts some taking every meaty offering like they were born to do so. All topped off with a blizzard of sticky spunk in My 1st Sex Toy Experience.

Studio: Dirty Boy Desires
Actors: Andrew Brenton, Ryker Madison, Jordan Ashton, Dustin Cooper, Jason Valencia, Benjamin Riley, Jasper Robinson, Robbie Anthony, Billy London