Army Brutality



Staxus is back with another military themed hardcore DVD packed with submissive cock slaves and their dominant superiors in Army Brutality! When they’re given so much power and control over others, some boys become real devious and dominant fuckers, making those in their charge suck their cocks, wank them off, take some fucking and a splashing hot load of jizz too! Not that their army boys are complaining, they can’t get enough of this king of basic training, and they get themselves off in horny style as their abusers use their mouths and butts!

Studio: Abused
Actors: Lloyd Adams, Lex Blondie, Skylar Blu, Luke Desmond, Aiden Jason, Luckas Layton, Matthias Mann, Zak Starr, Milo Taylor, Evan Zero
Director: Michael Burling

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