Fucked at the Altar



You know what it’s like for married men, a little into the marriage and the sex dries up. Thankfully, most married men have a good buddy to help them out with their needs. Hey, it’s not really cheating if it’s your best buddy instead of another woman, right? These guys seem to have little remorse as they forget their vows and drop to their knees to gobble on a good buddy’s dick, or feed their friend their warm and hard length. The ass action is so intense as they release their pent-up hunger to cum hard with another, sliding their dick into their eager friend as they deal with their unsatisfied lust. With five great scenes of married men getting their rocks off with a good buddy, and with each ending with some great cum loads, you’ll be looking at your married friends a little more suspiciously after this!

Studio: Phoenixxx
Actors: Dustin Fitch, Joey Perelli, Patrick Kennedy, Preston Ettinger, Max Martin, Aaron West, Jake Steel

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