Scared Str8



Garrett Cooper gets Scared Str8 after being tossed in jail, which makes him fresh meat to his fellow horny inmates. Rafael Alencar offers Garrett a way out. In exchange for protection, Garrett agrees to be Rafael’s prison bitch and to take good care of his massive cock whenever he has the urge to blow his load.

Travis Stevens gets thrown behind bars and his cellmate, Roman Todd, lays out the options very clearly for his cute ass. After hearing what could be in store for him the next day, Travis agrees to be Roman’s personal prison bitch in exchange for some looking after. Travis shows just what a good little bitch he is by wrapping his perfect lips around Roman’s fat cock and then getting his sweet ass drilled.

Bad boy Kurt Wild has landed himself in the slammer. Buff and rough-talking prison guard Aspen is trying to coax a confession out of Wild. After some goading, Wild finally admits his wrongdoings. So Aspen gives him a dose of nightstick probing, rough cocksucking, and a well-deserved ass-slamming.

Actors: Garrett Cooper, Rafael Alencar, Aspen, Kurt Wild, Roman Todd, Travis Stevens

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