Barebacking Abroad



An unforgettable cast of international men travels from around the world to enjoy some “Barebacking Abroad” along the Greek countryside! Lucas Entertainment’s Javi Velaro lets loose on the handsome Klein Kerr, resulting in an ass pounding encounter. Massimo Piano gives Derek Allan a deep-penetrating lesson in Spanish seduction. Vlad Larin tests his stamina by taking raw dick from both Tomas Brand and Dario Leon. And Alex Kof is all top with Ehrik Ortega, who enjoys riding nine inches worth of uncut Russian cock. How does a trip of “Barebacking Abroad” sound to you?

Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Actors: Javi Velaro, Klein Kerr, Alex Kof, Dario Leon, Derek Allan, Ehrik Ortega, Massimo Piano, Tomas Brand, Vlad Larin
Director: Michael Lucas

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