Hot Mess


Certain nights just have that special magic in the air. You’re young, hung, full of cum, and looking for some fun! You’ve got your best boys with you; but, as the night winds down, the only thing missing is some big, bad, brand spankin’ new, sloppy one night stand, crazy rock hard COCK! These boys MAY have had a little TOO much fun, and ARE probably a bit messy; but, they’re ALL definitely SUPER HOT! This naughty nod to the amazing “end of the night hook up” finds fan favorites like Sean Ford and Blake Mitchell rimming and ramming after a raging party! Pretty blond boy Kyle Ross cozies up to beefcake Sean Brady AND his big beer can thick dick for a bareback after party that’ll leave you breathless and moaning for more, just like the ripely rammed Ross. This late night lust fest is crammed with crazy hot, cock lovers just looking for late night hook ups and they ALWAYS end up with the best of the best, boner thick, dick devils. Let’s face it, anyone out past 2am is either up to no good, or looking for some tasty trouble! And, we’re happy to say, these hotties ALL find what they’re looking for here, and so will you!

Studio: Helix Studios
Actors: Cameron Parks, Josh Brady, Wes Campbell, Liam Riley, Max Carter, Blake Mitchell, Sean Ford, Kyle Ross, Shane Cook