College Bound



College is a time for learning more than just books. It’s where men explore all different forms of sex – form sweet, to hard, to downright dirty! Well for his class, the first lesson is submission! Two of our most adventurous jocks, Dawson and Brayden, succumb their bodies as playthings for equally masculine and attractive CF alpha studs! Class is in session and the guys are in line- whether on a leash, tied down, or blindfolded, these men are here to fuck, be fucked, be toyed with, but most importantly- to test their extremes and get off! Building up a massive orgasm can be hard work and take a lot of training but these overachievers look forward to the challenge- and yes, a thick white cum shot will be on the final!

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Actors: Dawson, Brayden, Marc, Harper, Tom, Zeb
Director: Corbin Fisher

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