CF Crush: Marc



Some guys have all the luck when it comes to genes, other guys have to work hard to look hot – Marc is both! That chiseled, perfect body comes from hours of training and hard work. That smile that’s able to melt the pants off of anyone is natural talent! Yet the talents definitely don’t end there. Marc has a great cock – and knows how to use it! Another natural gift, made better by having an open and willing mind, and lots of practice with the hottest guys in the Corbin Fisher roster! Here we get to see him rock the worlds of Harper, Jacob, Trent, and Quinn. Whether Marc is using that big cock of his, or wrapping his tight hole on a horny jock, the end result is the same – two happy men drained of cum!

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Actors: Marc, Jacob, Harper, Quinn
Director: Corbin Fisher

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