CF Crush: Brayden



Great body, great smile, and an affinity for getting himself in the hottest situation possible. All that comes to mind when you think of Brayden. You’d never see Brayden as reserved, though this young stud knows how to fuck and isn’t afraid to get kinky! Whether being more dominate or submissive, Brayden’s goal isn’t just to get off, but to do so in the most creative ways he can dream of. Brayden sucks cock like a champ, loves to get his hole drilled, and plows each ass like it’s the last sex he’ll ever get. Truman, Cold, Jacob, and Scott all get treated to Brayden’s intense sex drive in this collection to must see Brayden episodes!

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Actors: Brayden, Jacob, Colt, Truman, Scott
Director: Corbin Fisher

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