Love Me. Want Me. Rent Me.



Have you ever wanted to rent a hot guy for an hour or two? Do you want to live out your ultimate boyfriend fantasy for a weekend? In CockyBoys’ new documentary series, Love Me. Want Me. Rent Me., we explore the wildly popular world of escorting through the eyes of some of the most sought after New York City RentBoys. So often people’s lives are dominated by SEX — wanting it, not having it, and being ashamed once they do. And it is for this reason this “cockumentary” was created, to celebrate the courageous spirit of those wanting to be on the front line of sexual liberation — those who are proud and connected to the very thing that created us all… SEX!

Studio: Cocky Boys
Actors: Rafael Alencar,  Connor Maguire,  Leo Sweetwood,  Chris Harder,  Raphael Marino,  Eli Lewis,  Travis James
Director: Jake Jaxson

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