Socks And Jocks


Young, horny and with a lot of time on their hands, it’s not hard to see how these housemates end up using their days! After shooting some hoops, playing beer-pong or even meeting their new roomies, there’s only one thing on the mind of these young fuckers, and it’s all about big dicks and tight holes! All sporting jockstraps and football socks pulled up to the shins, the sex is hot, sweaty and very deep! As giant dicked stars Kayden Gray, Luke Desmond and Johny Cruz get to grips with thick dildos, and even thicker cocks, it’s a hard job to take everything, but including double penetration and inter-racial fucking, there’s always a new position or two to work out!

Studio: Bulldog Studio
Actors: Brent Taylor, Drew Kingston, Jack Green, Johnny Cruz, Kayden Gray, Luke Desmond, Luke Vogel
Director: Himeros, Jon Flynn