Giant dicks, hungry buttholes and horny young men, there’s only one thing to do when these three get together and that’s to fuck, and to fuck hard! Imagining their perfect men, 4 young bottoms dream up their ideal top fucker and boom, they are there and we get to see the action in full fantastic detail! From young Jack Green dreaming up Brute Club, a muscled young stud with a giant dick and balls bursting with spunk to blond Aussie Jaxon getting his peachy ass worked over by Spanish stud Andrea Suarez. These boys love being slammed by hot hung men and we love to watch them!

Studio: Bulldog Studio
Actors: Kayden Gray, Andrea Suarez, Jason Domino, Brute Club, Johnny Cruz, Jack Green, Danny Montero, Jaxon Radoc
Director: Himeros

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